Arthur Forbis

Captain Arthur Forbis commanded a small company in the Guilford County militia.  In the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Forbis fought in this general area, what was the left-center of the American first line.

If you stand facing away from the monument, you can imagine Forbis watching the British advancing from the west.  Forbis shot a British officer before being wounded in the battle.  Forbis died a few days later and was buried in the Alamance Presbyterian Church cemetery.

Arthur Forbis Monument, built 1887

Arthur Forbis monument, built 1887


Honoring North Carolina

Judge Schenck was particularly interested in defending the North Carolina militia, who had supposedly fled the battle in fear.  The first monument that Schenck erected on the battlefield was this monument to Forbis.  It was an appropriate choice since it honors a local militia officer who courageously shot down one of the British.


Title Page, North Carolina, 1780-1781, David Schenck (1889)

Title Page, North Carolina, 1780-1781, David Schenck (1889)
Judge Schenck wanted to honor North Carolina’s contributions in the Revolutionary War. To fulfill this goal, Judge Schenck worked both to preserve the battlefield and publish books like this one.

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